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Syngenta Wheat Chart Legend
  Head Type Maturity Vernalization Test Weight Height Straw Strength Stripe Rust Leaf Rust Soil Virus Complex Septoria Powdery Mildew Fusarium Hessian Fly
Arcadia A VE VS VG M 3 7 3 SBMV 5 6 5 SUS
Coker 9553 A E M EX M 3 2 4 - 5 4 5 SUS
Magnolia A M S VG T 3 2 6 SBMV 5 7 6 E,O
Oakes UA M ML EX M 3 2 5 - 5 6 4 SUS
SY Harrison A M ML G/VG MS 2 2 5 - 5 5 5 SUS
Branson UA M L G/VG MS 3 2 6 - 5 3 5 (MR) B,E
Beretta UA M/ML ML G MS 2 5 5 - 5 4 5 SUS
Head Type:
A Awned
UA Unawned
VE Very Early
E Early
ME Med Early
M Medium
M/L Med Long
L Long
S Short
MS Med Short
M Medium
M/L Med Long
L Long
Test Weight:
EX Excellent
VG Very Good
G Good
F Fair
S Short
MS Med Short
M Medium
MT Med Tall
T Tall
Soil Virus Complex:
Shows Resistance -
WSSV Wheat / Spindle / Streak / Mosaic
SBMV Soil Born / Mosaic / Virus
Numeric Range:
1 Best/Resistant
9 Poor/Susceptible

AGSouth Genetics / GoWheat
Variety Test Weight Maturity Straw Strength Vernalization Requirement Awned
2035 good medium good short yes
2038 good med. Late good medium yes
2040 excellent medium good short yes
2056 good medium good medium yes
2057 good med. late good med. Long yes
2060 good early fair short yes


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