Wildlife Forage Blends for Spring Planting

Whether you’re looking to feed deer, waterfowl, turkeys or other gamebirds, Stratton Seed’s Specialty Division has a wide range of forage options to sow in the coming months, ensuring a successful harvest later in the year.

BioLogic Game Changer
Plant May 15 – July 15
Stress tolerant and suitable for most soil types, the Game Changer bean can handle adverse conditions and glyphosate weed control, ensuring a successful, clean plot all summer long.

BioLogic Game Changer 2.0
Plant May 15 – July 15
The next-level version of Game Changer, the 2.0 soybean is not only glyphosate tolerant, but it also matures later in order to provide plenty of forage longer into the season.

Heritage Spring Mix
Plant May 15 – July 15
With multiple species of seeds and forage with structural benefits, the Heritage Blend provides a healthy diet for the whitetail as well as food and cover for other wildlife.

Ancestry Spring Mix
Plant May 15 – July 15
Similar to Heritage, the Ancestry blend provides high-quality forage and cover for deer and other wildlife throughout the spring and summer months.

Wild Wings
Plant May 15 – June 15
This gamebird mix is packed with seeds to feed and attract upland birds all year long.

Upland Flush
Plant May 15 – June 15
Dove, quail and pheasant love the Upland Flush seed blend that is not only nutritional, but also provides birds with fantastic cover.

North, Plant May 15 – June 15
Central, Plant June 15 – July 15
South, Plant June 1 – July 15
The Invisiblind blend of milo and sorghum sudangrass is designed to provide a thick, natural cover for your blind during hunting season.

This combination of glyphosate-tolerant soybeans and glyphosate-tolerant dwarf corn provides quality forage and grain at just the right height for both deer and waterfowl.

Check out our GoWild brochure for more information and then contact a seed rep to order the ideal blend that will help meet your goals in the stand or blind. We’ve got you covered.

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