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All Representatives

Matt McCrate

Territories: Missouri, Kentucky

Jason Pieroni

Territories: Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas

William Worthington

Territories: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

Stephen Bariola

Territories: Arkansas

Heath North

Territories: Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas

Justin Hartz

Territories: Arkansas, Texas

Jerry Rushing

Territories: Arkansas

Terry Imboden

Territories: Arkansas

Jared Fannon

Territories: Missouri, Kansas

Taylor Boggs

Territories: Mississippi, Alabama

Keith Hammer

Territories: Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri

Liz Neff

Territories: Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland


Whether you’re looking to feed the world or bring the local wildlife to your door, our high quality and diverse selections of seed will produce high-end results throughout any season. Learn more about our products and brands below or search for a specific variety using our seed finder.

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