New Website Exclusive: Bounty Hunter Base

Now you can build your own Bounty Hunter blend with our new Bounty Hunter Base! This product, exclusive to our new online store, is designed to allow our popular Bounty Hunter blend to be easily accessed online so you can get an acre planted at a greatly reduced cost. All you need to do to create a full Bounty Hunter blend is just visit your local store and pick up a bag of wheat and oats, then add it to our new Bounty Hunter Base. That's it - you're all set and ready to start planting! Get yours today in our online store and enjoy FREE shipping! 

Ingredients:  Rapeseed, Purple Top Turnip, Winter Peas, Crimson Clover 

Offered in: 5 lb jugs 

Planting Rate: 2 jugs Bounty Hunter Base + 50 lbs each of wheat and oats per 1 acre  

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