logoFarmers need products that prioritize their needs and set high benchmarks for high-yielding genetics, and Stratton Seed Company is excited to introduce DONMARIO: a brand that provides fresh options in soybean seed genetics for American farmers! DONMARIO’s innovations in exclusive genetics and tailored seed traits demonstrate a robust opportunity to partner with Stratton Seed Company and bring better soybeans to farmers.

Since launching as a small family business in 1982, DONMARIO grew quickly and earned its reputation as a brand that seeks better soybean genetics and management practices for farmers. Independent testing trials, countless third-party evaluations, and most importantly; farmer’s consistent success with DONMARIO’s soybeans continue to drive DONMARIO’s success today.

DONMARIO is a high-yielding soybean genetics authority with significant market share in six countries worldwide and is a leading brand in five of the seven largest soybean producing countries in the Americas, selling over 16,000 units across 16 million acres each year. In 2006, DONMARIO began testing varieties in America and established their U.S. soybean breeding program in 2007. Today, DONMARIO varieties are tested at 140 dedicated U.S. research sites, with over 425,000 yield test plots across the U.S. Furthermore, they have 65 unique product placement strip trial locations where DONMARIO varieties are tested in different environments, row spacing, population, and planting dates, with the objective to give the best product recommendations for every field. Data from the past thirteen years of U.S. testing gives us confidence that DONMARIO genetics will perform exceptionally well for each localized region.

With over 36 years in the soybean industry, DONMARIO is serious about soybeans. We believe farmers will love all the qualities and options DONMARIO brings: exclusive genetics, top-notch soybeans, and a determination to continue bringing ever-better soybeans to American farmers!

GoSoy 2020/2021 Varieties

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